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Atlanta, GA  Aug. 2001

Angle gets a leg up for TK118 TK118 and TK813
TK118 and Harley Quinn TK118, A drag Elvira TK412 and Jedi Jeff
Arturo and Aimee Tom and the unicorn chick
Biker scouts buckets off Duffy, Aimee and Damian waiting a week for an elevator
TK???, Dawn and TK118 NO CAMERAS !
Imperials need to eat too David Prouse and the 501st at Planet Hollywood
Truce during dinner TK118, Peter Mayhew and a Han
Who let there rebels in our dinner? Peter towering above all
Troopers watch a fett does push ups Midwest Garrison @ Planet Hollywood
TK737 and Aimee watch on as others talk Aurra Sing at the dinner
Hawkins sits with other troopers, Greedo and Biggs Rub a dub dub, bring on the grub!
Anyone seen dinner? Nice red armor
Dont piss of the Duff man! a hot Farscape chick with Tom
Tom gets attacked by Purgatory The hospital visit part 1
Picking up donation from JC Penny The Hospital part 2
You never saw Star Wars? QUICK! Security is comming
HI MOM, We went shopping! Atlanta's RHPS cast Eddie as Meat Loaf with TK118
A monster attacks TK118 Left, Left. Left Right Left
Bikers lead the way to Planet Hollywood Scott takes a pic of TK118 as TK118 takes a pic of him
Slave Leia and TK118 Trooper and Laura Croff
A bunch of the NY Garrison and TK118 with Anthony D Troops with Aurra Sing and Mara Jade
The best group shot! Aurra Sing and TK118
My new IMPERIAL contacts The front of Planet Hollywood in Atlanta
TK118 and TK1010 talk to Atlanta's finest Hi ho hi ho its off to Planet Hollywood we go
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Lets move it troops ! Hello there, ID please
DC2001-march04.jpg (94927 bytes) DC2001-ph-arrival03.jpg (72942 bytes)
THe cars can wait until we pass Arrival of the troops!
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Where is your helmet private?! That's right, ONE WAY.. The Imperial way!