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Lake County Museum

9-15 01

Did you grab my ass? -  TK118 (pic by TK604)
What Are you lookin at pal? - TK118 (pic by SP-895)
Lets move out! - TK118 (pic by SP895)
TK737, SP895, TK118 & SithCamero
Tom, Mike and Damian listen to Duffy..."I tell you what, You stick your arm up a bantha's pooper this far and see if you smell like a rose!"
SithCamero "Man, what is that smell?", TK118 "Is that me that smells?,", and TK737 :: whistleing ::
SP895, SithCamero, TK118 & TK737 Lookin good
TK118 and TK737 turn as Fett lets one go!
Sorry, no sand people allowed!
Play that funky music white boy!  TK118 gets down!
So, I says to Duffy, "Hey, what's your problem?"