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TK118 and 501 fight it out while Babba Fett shoots a guest
501 gets it from the Canadian Vader
501 Canadian Tie Pilot & Vader and TK118
Tk118 on left with Tk737's friends
Who is this? And what is he shooting at?
Rob (in back) and ? (on right) wishing Catwoman was on their lap and not TK118's
Chunk and Babba with a young fan
Kill the Ewok
Mr Prouse talks with TK118
Mr Prowse with the gang
TK118, TK737 and Chunk with Erin Grey from "Buck Rodgers"
Its such a pain to have gals like this flock to you
What is this gal doing to TK737 in the back?
TK118 with Paul Blake (Greedo)
Gene Simmons (KISS) 

Anyone who got a picture of us troopers with him PLEASE email it to me!

Mike, Babba, Chunk and 501
Troopers take Hasbro's guy prisoner
Troopers take another Hasbro guy into custody
The Lord of the Rings gals love men in uniform
TK118 gets choked by Richard LaParmentz ( Admiral Motti )
The things we troopers have to do. Poor us
Michonne  (Aurra Sing) and Mike
Optimous Prime VS TK118
TK118 with Phil Brown (Uncle Owen)
Peter Mayhew with the gang
Peter with us again Helmets on
Michonne (Aurra Sing) and TK118
Andy, Damian, Tom and ???
Lets see your tickets guys
Got rebels, No problem!
Troopers with the vampires
in the habit trail
Troops take orders to shoot by a potential new captian
Will the rebels never learn?
Troops with a Playboy bunny